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Formella Contour Solutions was founded by Bill Formella to promote the health of the 3D laminating market by teaching industry best practices in the design, fabrication and marketing of rigid thermoformable foil (RTF) components and related technology. Bill’s 17 years of experience have included development, sales and start-up of all types of 3D
laminating equipment including membrane pressing, membrane-less pressing, vacuum forming (thermoforming) as well as bladder (liquid filled) pressing systems. Added to this are several years spent training and troubleshooting in the use of adhesives as well as various 3D laminates (3DL).

“I have been heavily involved in the 3D laminating industry since 1994 when, as Product Manager of Shaw-Almex USA, I was given the task of introducing the newly developed Thermolaminator to the industry. Fascinated with the capabilities of this technology, I became a student of the process and was determined to learn all I could.

We had no fear in those early days, though we should have. People would bring parts of various types into our booth at the IWF and AWFS fairs and expect us to press them. You know the ones, the parts the router companies were making to show of THEIR technology. We would just look at each other, roll the dice and pray we didn’t mess something up.

I’m still amazed at how often we impressed a booth full of people, though we really weren’t sure yet what we could and couldn’t do. Over the years I’ve noticed that many designers and fabricators of 3DL components have often taken a similar approach, but with much higher stakes. Thousands, if not millions, have been invested in rolling out new designs, acquiring new equipment and incorporating new materials without really having accurate knowledge of will and will not work long term, both in the production facility as well as in the hands of the end user.

The long term health and promotion of this industry has become a personal passion, as has the desire to promote win-win relationships among designers, fabricators, equipment and materials manufacturers, as well as marketers that share a similar commitment to quality.”

Bill Formella
President Formella Contour Solutions, Inc.

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