Design Consultation

If you are looking to incorporate rigid thermofoil (RTF) 3DL components into your product line but aren’t sure what the limitations are, this service is for you. Relying on a prospective supplier to make this decision can be a dangerous move, especially given current economic conditions. When fabricators are hungry and in desperate need of business they are often more willing to “roll the dice”, risking your reputation as well as theirs.

Formella CSI will help you determine if your designs are conducive to consistent, trouble free manufacturing as well as long term durability. With limited knowledge of the process, many companies have released products that have pushed the envelope too far, resulting in high scrap rates and often devastating warranty claims.

ProtoTesting & Creation

To avoid the headaches of high scrap rates, warranty claims and the corresponding negative customer experience, let Formella CSI help you design and test your prototypes at the beginning of the process. We’ll help you understand the limitations, determine a design that can be fabricated to high quality standards on a consistent basis, then test it using all 3DL press technologies (membrane pressing, membrane-less pressing, and vacuum forming) to determine the best plan of action whether you are looking to manufacture in house, or find a qualified vendor for outsourcing.

Vendor Qualification

All 3DL press technologies are not created equally. Neither are all adhesive systems and 3DL materials. Once you’ve decided on a design and determine that outsourcing is the best rout to go, finding the right supplier is the next critical step in a successful product launch.

Does your potential vendor use a vacuum former or a membrane press? Is the adhesive system incorporated a pre-applied, spray applied, one part or two part system? Are they sourcing 3DL materials from reliable manufacturers? Understanding the strengths and weaknesses of each is critical in determining the right process for your design, quantity and quality requirements. Formella CSI will work with you to pre-qualify your vendors before the product is launched.

Equipment Specification

When the decision is made to bring manufacturing in house, similar questions need to be answered. What equipment will best help us meet our short and long range goals? Is the right equipment available used? How do we know if the equipment we are looking at is fairly priced? What materials will help us meet both our quality and pricing requirements? Formella CSI will streamline this process and eliminate very costly mistakes.

Startup & Training

Whether you purchase new or used equipment, Formella CSI will coordinate with your equipment and materials suppliers to make sure you received the short and long term training and QC audits necessary to help you maintain a positive customer experience and assure the success of your product launch. With over 17 years experience in the field, Formella CSI will provide expert training in every area of 3D laminating including glue application, press operation as well as QC testing.


Regardless of how well trained your staff is, issues will sometimes arise that present problems in the press room; issues that can send you on a wild goose chase that can last days if not weeks. Is the issue caused by the materials, equipment or changes in the weather? The experience and expertise of Formella CSI will likely provide a speedy solution potentially saving thousands of dollars in lost time and wasted materials.

QC Certification

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Marketing & Advertising

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